Plan to reach your financial goals.


ZSIC Life understands the importance of saving for a rainy day or for purposes of acquiring assets or services in the future. In this regards, the company has on offer investment plans that provide multiple avenues to save and grow finances for a specific period. The plans are flexible with attractive returns to aide households meet their financial goals.


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The Kwacha Plus Investment Plan offers you an opportunity to have both investment and life cover in one policy. The Plan helps you to build your wealth and also enjoy life cover from selected sums assured. There is an optional policy term of 10 years or 15 years. Premiums may be paid monthly or quarterly until maturity or earlier death of the unit holder. The minimum monthly premium payable is K400.00

1.1 Life Cover The Plan allows a combination of investment and life insurance cover offered at options of sum assured levels. The Plan protects your loved ones financially against unfortunate death during the policy term. The maximum of sum assured and unit balance at bid value is payable to the nominated beneficiary in the event of death.

2.0 Premium Allocation Gross premium shall be allocated as follows: for a 10 year Policy 85% in the first year and 95% in the others years and for a 15 year tenure Policy the allocation in the first year shall be 85% and 94% in subsequent years respectively. The unallocated premiums shall cover administrative expenses of the product.


3.1 Who can take up Kwacha Plus Investment Plan?

The plan is available to anyone aged between 18 and 60 years.

3.2 What are the benefits of Kwacha Plus Investment Plan?

3.2.1 Flexibility of premium payment: Spread your premium payment for the entire policy term either monthly or quarterly

3.2.2 Withdrawals: To meet unit holders’ intermediate financial needs, periodic withdrawals are allowed.

3.2.3 Choice of premium escalation: Choose the level of escalation that suits you and your family needs 3.2.4 Life cover: Combine savings and life insurance in a single policy

3.2.4 Life Cover: Combine savings and life insurance in a single policy. life cover comes as a rider based on the premium amount paid. There is no risk premium attached and therefore the product does not use rates. The following values apply

a)premium amounts between K400 to K499.99 have a life cover of K20,000.00

b)Premium amounts betwen K500 to K749.99 is covered at K40,000.00

c) Premiums above K750 are covered at K60,000.00

On earlier death the amount paid is the higher of either the accumulated funds or the sum assured.

3.2.5 Allocation of Premium Gross premium: shall be allocated at the ruling "Offer Price" to purchase units. The rate of such allocation shall be determined from time to time by the Company. The unallocated premiums cover administrative expenses of the product.

3.2.6 Withdrawal of units. The policy shall allow for periodic cash withdrawals of up to three (3) times over the policy term.

3.2.7 Allocation of Premium: Gross premium shall be allocated at the ruling "Offer Price" to purchase units. The rate of such allocation shall be determined from time to time by the Company. The unallocated premiums cover administrative expenses of the product.

4.0 What Type of Assets does ZSIC Life Limited Invest in?

ZSIC Life Limited shall invest in different vehicles such as government bonds, treasury bills and other related investment schemes. The Fund aims to limit capital losses. However unit prices may rise or fall depending on market conditions.

5.0 What are the Fees?

a)PIA Levy : 0.5% of the gross premium;

b)Insurance Premium Levy of 3%;

c)Investment Management fee of 1% per annum;

d)Bid/offer spread of 1% on exits;

e)Other fees shall be levied on surrenders, paid-ups and cash withdrawals.

6.0 Surrender Value

ZSIC LIFE Limited understands the need for money during the instances of financial emergencies and unexpected commitments hence the flexibility of surrendering the policy is allowed. The policy can be surrendered at any time. In the event of notice of surrender, the plan offers a surrender benefit of a minimum of 75% of the unit balance on the date of surrender, calculated at the bid price, and less any applicable fees determined by ZSIC Life Limited, after which the policy will cease and no further benefits will be payable to the Unit holder.

7.0 Premium Payments Premium payment options available are: Stop Order (through employer), Direct Debit and Credit Clearing (DDACC), Real time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Cash over counter at any ZSIC LIFE Office, Cheque, Mobile money, or any other payment methods approved by ZSIC Life Limited.